• Michael Dahdal

One Thing Leads To Another

What you do matters. What you don’t do also matters.

Your choices are links in a chain, one thing leading to another

Way leading on to way.

Everything is inter-connected,

Life, if nothing else is a sequence of events,

Pieces of a puzzle, which come together to form the whole picture.

This matrix of interdependency suggests that everything works in overarching systems

Everyone and everything depends on everyone and everything else.

Life does not work in isolation.

To remain healthy, it requires harmony, for everything to work well together.

In the body this is homeostasis.

So it’s the immune system

The eco system

The political system

The economic system

The social system

The legal system and the like

And they all matter.

Because they are all related and they all govern the way you live.

These systems are the total sum of many parts and they have patterns that can be understood.

So to think for one second that you can isolate one part without consideration for the whole is a reductionist way of thinking

It’s assuming that one thing can exist without the other

That you can address one aspect and ignore its impact on the rest

The holistic approach you often hear about, is really a systems approach

A way of seeing the full picture, a systems way of thinking

An appreciation for the law of ‘cause and effect’ that is so evident everywhere in nature

Nothing happens until something moves

What happens today is a direct result of the events that preceded it, and will conversely impact the events to follow

But too often we think in individual / singular terms,

Treating the symptoms, not the disease.

Not taking the time to consider a whole worldview approach

Not considering how all things impact one another

How what’s happening around you, impacts what’s happening inside you and indeed vice versa

Isolating only 'one thing' at a time as if they somehow exist on their own,

Not realising that if you disrupt the natural order of things, it creates the basis for all disease.

Nature is resilient, if we only allow it to do its thing.

But instead we contaminate it with everything we put into our bodies and allow to live in our hearts and minds,

Motivated not by optimal human health, but by fear.

It’s good to always remember, ‘that it’s no measure of good health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society’.

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