• Michael Dahdal

Moment of Hesitation

It’s in that moment of hesitation, where you let life slip you by.

Because life, is essentially about forward motion

It’s about growth and opportunity

And harnessing your energy and directing it

It’s about unleashing all the potential you have as a human being

Your unique capacity to Love and be Loved

To forgive and be forgiven

To teach and to learn

To apply your given talents and make a contribution

And it’s in taking action, when you’re able to build the momentum you need to consistently get things done

To not just move, but to start a self sustaining movement

Setting off a current through the fabric of time and space

A ripple, initiated by your own endeavour, by YOUR initiative

But the hardest part of any journey, is getting started

And it’s never easy to initiate.

But it’s when you hesitate, when the moment (um) is lost

A flame allowed to flicker and die, not on its own accord, but because there was no one there to fan it.

Because you, in your moment of hesitation, let the moment pass

Hesitation if nothing else is doubt, seeded in fear.

And at its heart is a lack of faith

Manifested in excuses, stories and narratives we create to justify avoiding the discomfort of doing what we know we should be doing.

And often,

Even when we have that deep sense of knowing,

That deep sense we can’t always rationalise, but KNOW to be true,

We still find ourselves doubting.

And your doubt, will forever be reflected in those moments of hesitation.

But what you need to know is,

That moment when you hesitate, puts you right on the border of ‘what is’ and ‘what can be’

And in the end, it’s only you that can tip it one-way or the other.

But what if I fall you say? Oh but my darling, what if you fly??

#hesitation #takingaction #movement

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