• Michael Dahdal

Making Your Mark

The goal in this life is not to live forever

But perhaps it’s to create something that will.

When you’re gone from this world, it’s only your legacy that you leave behind -

What contribution did you make?

How did you impact others?

What example did you set?

And for what will you ultimately be remembered?

When you leave this world,

You don’t carry any of the material over with you

So why spend so much time attending only to your material needs?

Satisfying only your material appetites?

And keeping up your physical appearances?

And why spend so little time cultivating your spirit, the only thing that carries over.

Because when you’re gone, what you did in this life, not only contributes to the archives of human history,

But it shapes the very spirit that you take with you into eternity.

You’ve only got one shot to make your mark

And one opportunity to set things right

So you may as well start now

Because time is truly of the essence

And in the end, you will know that it’s the only currency that ever mattered.

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