• Michael Dahdal

Maintaining Integrity

Integrity comes from the word ‘integrate’.

To bring things together.

You would expect anyone with integrity to say what they mean and mean what they say

To integrate their intentions with their words and their words with their behaviours

That’s all good in theory,

But following through is the hard part

It’s not enough to proclaim your intentions only in words

The key is to live them out

To embody your values, as a matter of principle.

Because your lifestyle is a reflection of who you are and how you think

It’s the shows you watch

The people you hang with

The car you drive. What you eat.

It's how you dress and the type of entertainment you choose.

And it's how you treat and talk to people.

Everything you say or do, or don’t do for that matter,

Says something about who are you.

Lifestyle is all about attitude and behaviours

And integrity is ensuring that those attitudes and behaviours are always a true reflection of your deep seeded values.

It’s the process of taking two parts and bringing them together

Integrating them, to make a whole.

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