• Michael Dahdal

Losing The Way

Somewhere in the midst of our humanity we seem to have lost our way.

Where did it all go so wrong?

At what point did we turn our back on the natural order of things

Trying to recreate the universe in our own image

Perhaps something did happen at the tree of knowledge?

Something that turned reality on its head

Where we replaced the creator, with our own creations.

And inverted reality, turning the world upside down.

Taking the things that serve our ego and cater to our earthly desires

And calling them good.

Have we become too smart for our own sake?

Embracing science as a new religion and scientists as demi-gods.

Driven largely by our intellect

And our emotions,

And not nearly enough by what dwells in the heart

Allowing our selves to be totally governed by the law of man, whilst ignoring the laws that are inscribed in our nature

Being ruled by law, whilst forgetting the essence and spirit of it

The purpose that it’s meant to serve.

And the more we pursue earthly riches, the further away we move