• Michael Dahdal

Living From The Soul

If you Love, love deeply

If you work, work hard

If you compete, compete to win

And when you give your word, be willing to die trying to keep it.

If it’s the truth, protect it

If it’s good, share it

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Don’t let fear rule you and don’t take no for an answer.

Don’t settle for less than what you have to give

The body is your instrument, use it.

Your mind, well your mind can be your enemy or your friend,

So be astute in how you steer it.

Life isn’t given to you, you need to claim it

Be willing to go the depths of hell and back in service of something greater

Don’t subject yourself to the perils of living only from the sensual pleasures afforded by the body

By the shallowness often found living only this physical existence.

You are a conduit for all things in the universe

So let that divine spark shine through you

And let it be the catalyst that sets your soul on fire

Be relentless in your pursuit Life, even if it means certain death.

#soul #life

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