• Michael Dahdal

Lessons Learned

Life has a way of teaches us lessons

It drags us through the mud -

We hit the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

And these are all lessons learned.

But the lesson itself is useless if it doesn’t invoke change,

If it’s not embodied in some way.

If it’s a lesson that you let slip by the wayside.

You see, knowing is only one part of the equation

Understanding, the other part,

But it’s in the doing, where you get to bear the fruit.

You can always blame life and put your circumstances down to fate or bad luck

Never realising, that you must also play your part,

By being more intentional and making better choices.

By taking the lessons learned

And making them count,

Because anything less is a lesson wasted.

And it’s in these lessons, where you will find your guiding light

And where your blessings are bestowed.

And you're reminded once again,

That any blessing ignored, quickly becomes a curse.

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