• Michael Dahdal

Leaving Things Unsaid

It’s when the heart speaks, that the universe paves the way.

Leaving things unsaid, takes life off its natural course.

Bogging you down in assumptions, hesitation and doubt.

Sure, things may not always turn out the way you want, but they will always turn out the way you need.

But only on the condition that you are able to fully express yourself first.

Not from a place of fear or ego,

But from the clarity only found in the heart, that human place.

You see,

Leaving things unsaid is essentially a life not fully realised.

A potential no actualised, an unfolding that’s been thwarted.

A rightful path not taken.

It’s a form of sabotage,

An internal resistance you’ve built up against what’s good for you.

But in the end, it’s really just in the knowing that you said and did everything you possibly could.

That you fully expressed yourself with every ounce of your being.

And the rest, well the rest is out your hands.

But take heed if you find yourself resisting the calling of the heart.

It means you're holding something captive,

So you have a responsibility to release it by speaking it into the existence

Because it’s only by speaking it, it’s able to enter into our collective reality.

And from there, trust in the nature of things to chart the course.

And you work on replacing your doubt with faith and your fears with courage.

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