Leap Of Faith

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

So often you bring yourself right to the edge, but just can’t bring yourself to take that leap of faith

Turning back right at that critical moment,

Letting fear and doubt win the day.

Faith is being able to take that critical first step, without being able to see the whole staircase.

It requires you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

To accept the fact that certainty, has embedded within it a level of uncertainty

And that this is a simple and unescapable, fact of life.

So perhaps your energy has been a little misdirected.

Perhaps you’d be better served, if instead of trying so hard to create and hold onto certainty, you learn to let go

Instead of doubt, you learn to trust

Instead of succumbing to fear, you develop courage

And in some way you come to surrender your life, to life itself.

Understanding that even with the most rational consideration, things are almost guaranteed to unfold not as you had expected

Understanding that you have very little control over the final outcome,