• Michael Dahdal

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Temptation always rears its ugly head,

It’s a part of life.

You’re constantly being prompted and probed

By desires, pride, ambition, passion, ego.

Even by fear and insecurity.

And every single moment you’re at a crossroads

And every single opportunity is a fork in the road.

Your choices in these moments are the rudders which either lead you home or lead you astray.

And it's never easy, because temptation is seductive, it often feels so good.

It’s that little voice inside your head that tells you to throw caution to the wind.

Surrender it tells you, just let go.

Whispering in your ear, what’s the worst that can happen?

You only live once!

It’s very subtle.

And unaware, you succumb to one small temptation after another, until you slowly drift away from the shore

And only when it’s too late do you begin to realise that you may have lost your way.

We should indeed surrender.

But not to temptation, nor to our desires

But to the Good.

But to do so, we have to choose the Good in every moment.

That’s the importance of presence

And in never losing sight of the bigger picture.

And as tempting as it gets sometimes

You must keep your gaze firmly fixed on that one Light guiding you home.

Because there's only one Way home.

Life is indeed a fine balance between holding on and letting go

So be sure to choose wisely in each and every moment.

And lead not into temptation.

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