• Michael Dahdal

Knowing Nature

When we divorce the spiritual from the material

Nature is reduced to nothing more than a set of biological processes

A purely physical phenomena limited by science and theories of evolution

By a set of assumptions we make about the physical world and what we can ‘test’

But we forget that science itself began as a spiritual pursuit

As a means to better understand the mind God

Anything ending with ‘ology’ has the grounding in the Greek work Logos

Which infers to the natural order of the universe, The Dao, The Way.

And the word Psyche in Greek, actually means ‘Spirit’ or ‘Soul;

So Psychology was the study into the nature or order of the soul or spirit.

The secularisation of science and medicine reduce this to the study of the mind

And the mind itself is reduced to nothing more than a set of chemical processes in the brain.

This secularisation of science, medicine and even education is a relatively modern development

One that corresponds with the broader secularisation of society as a whole

Divorcing us not only from our physical nature, by evolving into concrete jungles

But from our moral and spiritual one as well

Because nature extends beyond your immediate physical reality

Beyond what you only experience superficially

And human nature more specifically, calls you to something higher

Because if it was merely reduced to a set of biological processes, we’d be nothing more than animals

And although it’s easy to live as an animal does

That’s not what you were created for

It’s only by embracing nature (as a whole) that we really start reclaiming our humanity

And it’s only then, that your restless heart can truly rest

That you can truly return to the homeland of your hearts desires

And become whole again.


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