• Michael Dahdal

Holding On & Letting Go

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Always give it everything you’ve got, but never more.

Life is indeed a balance of holding on and letting go.

But the point is -

You don’t get to let go, not until you’ve first given it everything you’ve got.

And offered everything that you have to offer.

Until you’ve made your intentions clear

Until you’ve poured your heart and soul into it

And risen to the task of everything life asks of you.

Gone to that place of vulnerability in pursuit of whats right and good.

Because if there’s more left in the tank

And things left unsaid or undone,

Then you’ve fallen a little short of what you can be

And in turn, you'll never know what it could or should have been.

It remains an itch, that will always need to be scratched.

Difficult to let go, laying dormant as you carry it around with you everywhere.

But once you’ve been able to do it all and to go to that place,

And what's in your heart has been fully expressed,

Then you know it's the time.

It's the time to realise that what you have to offer is only part of the story

Your will and the best of your intentions are only single pieces in a much bigger puzzle.

No-one is obliged to accept your story and make it part of theirs.

This exchange, that kind of relationship, needs to be voluntary.

So in there is the realisation that there will always be things you can control and things you can’t.

No matter how much you give it or how good your intentions are.

And it's at this point, that you need to lay it down and surrender

And align your will to The Universal Will that governs all things

There’s nothing left to do at this point, but to let go.

And trust the path that life has laid out, is the rightful path.

A unique path laid out just for you,

Always remaining faithful and steadfast in the pursuit of everything that can be -

But never more.

#holdingon #lettinggo #balance

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