• Michael Dahdal

Get Dirty!

No great strides have ever come by playing it safe.

Dirt has a purpose, to build resilience, pure and simple.

If you’re not getting dirty, then you’ve nurtured yourself into weakness

And that’s all well and good when things are going great

But not so good when shit happens

There’s a logic to this grand design, this whole existence is no accident.

What do you think people were doing before big pharma came along?

What do you think they were doing when you couldn’t medicate yourself with a bunch of synthetics?

We're talking over 300,000 years of human history (modern human at least).

You live or die by how resilient your are

And the dirtier you are able to get, and survive

The more resilient you’ll become.

Its only by exposing yourself to the elements that you figure out how to defend against them

So get outside, get some sun, breath fresh air, talk to people, roll around in mud, climb some trees, build your immunity

This is holds true for both body and spirit.

Pain is your medicine.

You don’t need a vaccine, you just need to get out of your bubble

Eat clean, expose yourself and let nature do its thing –

That’s all you need to do.