• Michael Dahdal

Forgive, But Don't Forget

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Each experience offers within it an opportunity to learn,

But unfortunately, not all those experiences will be pleasant.

Things will not always work out as you expected,

People will cause you harm, there is injustice in the world

Your dignity and good sense will be put into question

Your trust and loyalty betrayed.

But holding onto bitterness does more harm than good

Forgiveness, true forgiveness,

Offered in the spirit of Love and humility will always be a liberating force.

But to forgive and then to forget means that the lesson may go in vain -

That the experience itself may lose its meaning.

Ensuring that you don’t emerge stronger and better, but rather weaker and worse,

More spiteful and resentful.

Life is littered with teachable moments -

Lessons about ourselves and others, embedded in each lived experience.

Lessons about the ways of the world and the structures that govern it

About meaning and purpose, what’s important and what’s not.

And each moment provides an opportunity to either reinforce boundaries you've established -

Or to shatter the walls that limit your understanding.

Framing life in this way brings with it the potential to drive yourself forward,

Edging closer to the fulfilment you seek.

An opportunity to be a true embodiment of the Light in the world,

A candle up on the hilltop, inspiring others to be the same.

#forgiveness #lessons

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