• Michael Dahdal

For The Dreamers

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Never stop dreaming and never stop believing.

Don’t lose faith, for there is goodness in the world

People are fundamentally kind,

Love, real Love, is pure and innocent

It’s trusting


It’s the pillow where you can rest your head and always feel safe.

Life is inevitably going to beat you down, we know this

But don’t let your heart become hard.

We are all broken, afraid, longing for the same things

For some tenderness,

For some compassion

We long for heavenly things, here in a world corrupted

We call on the saints and the angels, but all we find is people, helpless and desperate.

The suggested absence of goodness, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

We may just be looking in the wrong places or for the wrong things.

Always try and see the good in people and the faults within yourself

Be better, do better, be more human.

The rest is out of your hands.