Find Your Voice

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Why speak easy, when you can ROARRR!

Don’t be enslaved to fear, let fear instead be enslaved to you.

This life is not for the timid, you’ve got one shot to make it count.

So be real, be you, be unedited and be raw.

Uncorrupted, pure and connected with the essence of all things.

The rest, well, the rest is just fluff.

Just noise keeping you from yourself.

Your heart already knows, the secret is to silence the mind.

At some point YOU WILL be asked to make that leap of faith,

This is your fork in the road,

Knowing full well that one single leap will change the course of everything, change the course of history even,

Whilst putting you back on your rightful path.

This is about the legacy you will eventually leave behind and about restoring the natural order of things.