Dropping The Cliché

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It’s incredible how rare original thought tends to be.

Ideas and opinions spreading through communities like pandemics in their own right.

Looking over the fence, to get a grasp of what our neighbours are doing so we can do the same

Looking at what the influencers are doing, so we too can be influenced

Reading only what Oprah tells us to read whilst listening to the same rhetoric that everyone else is tuned into.

Original derives from the root word origin.

Meaning, to go back to the beginning -

To reconnect with the roots.

With not just your own origin, but the origin of mankind.

The origins of the natural world and the order in the universe.

You see, new is not always better,

What’s hot today, may not be hot tomorrow.

Fads, come and go, so do pandemics - yet some things are forever enduring.

So look inside, drop the façade,

Drop the common lingo and dig a little deeper

Be done with the cliché’s and spe