• Michael Dahdal

Loneliness Is A Molecule

Updated: May 1, 2020

Loneliness is a molecule.

Death is part of the natural process, but isolation is not.

Loneliness is not just a mental and emotional condition, but also a physical one.

Suppressing the immune system, making disease more likely, not less.

If science is to be used as the ultimate guide, then even science will tell you that, no controversy here.

Yet when given the choice between life and isolation, we ultimately choose isolation.

We would rather choose safety over the inevitable risk that life naturally brings.

Surrendering to illusions of danger, over the pursuing of truth.

Keeping ourselves alive, without ever embracing Life.

This is not to suggest that your life should be approached with reckless abandon, quite the opposite.

You were given the ability to think, to criticise and use your reason,

So use it.

Discernment and using good judgement is as natural as the seasons, part of who you are.

If life is reduced to merely the absence of death, then there can be no life, because death is inevitable.

So what you do now, matters.

The body dies, but your spirit can live forever and there's no greater tragedy than that of the broken spirit.

Making a distinction between a physical death and a spiritual one reframes the whole perspective.

And although your body will inevitably whither away,

Sacrificing your soul in pursuit of eternal life, is really missing the mark.

Human nature wasn't made to work this way, so neither should we.

If you’re feeling a little anxious with the craziness of forced isolation, good, you should be -

Because anxiety is a natural response to being forced into an unnatural situation, so best to embrace it, go into your humanity and continue live on.

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