• Michael Dahdal

Credibility Is A Thing

Credibility is a thing

It speaks to how believable you are

How dependable

How much you can be relied upon.

It speaks to whether someone can take you at your word

Whether they can buy into your story

Whether what you have to offer has some substance.

Words are just words, until we give them meaning

And meaning depends on what we do with them.

Without the conviction to back your words with actions

Without following up and following through

Words are just that, words.

Just meaningless uttering and noise.

Sounds we blurt out.

Just things we say to make ourselves feel better

To convince ourselves of something

Nothing more, nothing less

Lost in the void.

Until one day, we start to believe our own lies.

If you lose your credibility, you’ve got nothing left

Because your good name is wrapped up in it

And your good name is all you have, it's how you'll be remembered.

And it speaks to your integrity.

If you want to be taken seriously in life

By yourself and by others

Then you might want to have a rethink

A rethink about how credible you actually are

Then based on your reflections,

You know what you need to do.

So do it.

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