Crazy In A Normal World?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The only way to maintain a sense of normality is to keep shifting your own views so they conform to the ever changing cultural standards

Temporal standards, not eternal ones.

Standards that aren’t fixed, but rather fluid and forever evolving.

To be normal is to keep doing what’s expected of you,

To keep striving to fit in.

To keep adapting to new normals, regardless of consequence.

The term normal (or norm) pertaining to nothing more than a set of statistical observations.

Namely, to keep doing what everyone else is doing

To not deviate beyond a set of standards established for you.

To keep swimming with the current,

To keep going with the emerging trends

But what happens then when societal norms no longer represent what is good and just and true?

When they no longer represent the highest of ideals?

What happens when the way of the world, no longer aligns with the way of the spirit or when the way of the world, no longer conforms to the way of nature itself?