• Michael Dahdal

Counting The Blessings

Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.

Although it may not always seem like it, Life has this way of bestowing blessings upon you

It’s not always so obvious

But it presents itself to you in simple ways

In small signs and suggestions

In the people that come into your life

In your trials and tribulations

In your successes and in all your failures alike

But for it to be a blessing, you need to be able to recognise it and accept it as such

Because the failure to do so effectively means turning away

Turning your back on the path that’s been laid out for you

Turning your back on the natural order of things

And when you do that, things begin to naturally fall apart.

Now of course there are lessons in everything

But the lesson is not to simply make better choices next time

Nor is it to believe in your self a little more

But the lesson is rather to allow your self to be guided by something greater than you

To listen to the calling and work with it

Aligning your will with the overarching will in the universe

And to develop those parts of your self that will allow you to trust a little more and Love a little deeper

Recognising those people and things that are indeed a blessing,

And turning back yet again, but this time to embrace them

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