Coming Home

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

In some way, our deepest yearning is to return to where we came from.

Not superficially, but in a deeper sense.

Home, that place of familiarity,

The place of refuge, where you find safety and comfort

Always open, ready and willing to welcome you back

It’s where you belong.

But somewhere along the way, we’ve all gotten a little lost

Trying to navigating our way through the wilderness on our own

Without any real sense (or memory) of where we came from.

We try to establish new homes

In places near and far

With people and in things

But our efforts remain futile, because we continue to ignore the roots

Alienating ourselves from our source

From our nature, from all that we are and always have been

Continuing to cloud our judgements and obscuring our ability to see, by going through life in a drunken state