Calm And Steadfast

It’s in times of crisis when we’re called to remain calm and steadfast

It’s easy to descend into a panic, but panic doesn’t really serve a purpose beyond self-preservation.

And in many ways, it presents a greater danger.

It’s our most primitive of instincts, that heard mentality, when we are willing to sell out our brothers and sisters in order to save ourselves

It doesn’t have to be this way, because panic is simply about being void of any rationality.

It’s a wave of emotion that overwhelms you

Possess you to act and be something you are not,

In essence, for that moment, you cease being you, cease being human.

You lose yourself in these moments; acting only on an impulse you’ve lost control of.

So the response then, is exactly that, to respond and not react

To slow down, generate some space;

Detach a little so you’re able to consider things more objectively

To approach adversity from that human place,