Burden Of Expectations

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Having expectations is natural, in many cases, even unavoidable.

But expectations can also come with a heavy burden,

Because with expectation comes inevitable disappointment.

The disappointment of not having your expectations met.

Which is, in its own way, a reality of the lived human experience.

A burden we need to be willing to accept - if we actually want to live a little.

The alternative, well the alternative is not having any expectations at all

And this comes with its own pitfalls.

Because no expectations, means not having any strong convictions about anything.

Sure, it may save you some heartache,

But in the same token, the absence ensures that there’s nothing there to really drive you forward and nothing seemingly important enough to protect.

The key then is to ensure that expectations don’t become too heavy a burden - that they remain grounded, realistic and act as a catalyst for growth.

A way of measuring up and knowing when things fall a little short.