• Michael Dahdal

Born To Create

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

You are born to create.

If you are indeed made in the image of God and God is indeed the creator, then you yourself were made to create.

When you create, you are essentially giving birth

And birth means Life.

This is not limited to child birth

It’s giving birth to an idea which in many ways can be much more profound

Because humans die, but ideas, art, poetry, literature goes on to live forever.

To breath something into existence is to contribute to the archives of human history

There is no death in that, only Life

It’s a thing of legend and legends never die.

Creation is about plucking something from obscurity and bringing it into the world

To make something from nothing, manifesting a simple thought into existence.

Making your self the gate way between two divergent worlds

The spiritual and the physical.

And when you create you also awaken a part of your self

And Life itself awakens within you.

But creation is also about taking action -

And you should never mistake motion for action.

Because motion is about keeping busy and action is about producing real value (being productive).

To have something tangible as a result of your effort.

Creation is the beginning of all things

It rides on the precipice of Life and death

On the precipice of death and rebirth

And of creation and re-creation.

It's this cyclical nature which sustains all Life.

Creation is not complicated, it often emerges from a simple idea

And all you need to do is combine a spark of inspiration with your will to live the fullness and richness Life.

The rest, well the rest takes care of itself

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