• Michael Dahdal

Bordering On Insanity

We guilt people for not adhering to the rules

We keep encouraging them to be patient and ask them to be grateful.

Hang in there we say, gosh, I’ve even said it myself.

But the reality is, you’ve been in lock down for over three months without so much as a whimper – so perhaps we should lay off the ‘be patient’.

If there were an Olympics for patience, you’d be a world champion at this point.

Reality is a bitch.

There’s patience and then there’s insanity.

At what point does it all start getting a little ridiculous?

You can’t divorce people from nature and expect them to be ok.

This is not how it works.

We can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, that’s fine.

We can definitely do much to create certainty from uncertainty - that will help.

And there’s certainly plenty of things to be grateful for, so it is important to keep reminding our selves of that

But let’s not kid ourselves, none of this is natural

So let’s accept that fact and not be so hard on our selves

Its ok to be angry, if that anger is well directed and comes from a place of real care

It’s ok to be anxious, that’s totally natural at this point.

Otherwise it’s like expecting a bird in a cage to just meditate on it and that will make it all ok

We have to call it for what it is, that’s the beginning of healing.

You are not insane, there’s nothing wrong with you.

It’s the world that seems to be a little messed up, poison to the soul.

So don’t go looking to the world for answers, because you won’t find them there.


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