Best Of Intentions

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Actions do speak louder than words; I’m comfortable with that.

It’s always better when they both align, but I’ll take that as the default if we had to choose one or the other.

But sometimes, through no fault of your own, or perhaps through a lack of foresight, actions don’t have the desired outcome.

This happens, it’s part of life – we can’t always get it right.

It’s important than to at least take the time to consider the intention

Because intention goes to the heart of any action and it’s that which dwells in the heart that ultimately matters most.

And the opposite can also be true.

Performing deeds that may have the desired outcome but misplaced intention - poses an important question.

Do we value the outcome more or the genuine, heartfelt effort?

This presents an interesting dichotomy between intention vs. impact.

Which is more important?

It’s an important point to consider, because you’re always bound to fall short if you only have one without the other –

So the obvious ideal is to marry the two.

But let’s not kid our selves, everything starts with intention, everything.