Back To Basics

Why do we convince ourselves that we need everything we have?

When did things become so complicated?

At the heart of living a good life, a healthy life, is simplicity.

It’s in staying connected with the things that really matter

The rest, well the rest, is fluff.

Just noise distracting you from yourself

Drowning out everything that your heart calls on you to be

But if you silence the noise

And see through the fog, you’ll notice a clear picture begin to emerge

A picture that paints clearly what life is really about

A picture that reminds you to be grateful for what you’ve got, because it’s not going to be around forever

A picture that suggests that going back to basics is really about reconnecting with your human essence

Moving your body as it was intended to move

Nourishing it with food and water, pure, plucked from the good earth that provides it

Maintaining good health

Cultivating meaningful human relationships, grounded in Love and the common good.