An Imperfect World

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

In an imperfect world, suffering is inevitable.

Our emotions are imperfect

Our attitudes are imperfect

Our motivations are imperfect

And even our love has become imperfect.

In this world, perfection may never be achieved

It’s a fallen world, broken and afraid.

But it wasn’t created imperfect,

Everything in creation was made good, exactly as it should be.

And we remain capable of reclaiming our perfection

Restoring ourselves to our divine glory.

But even then, attaining perfection in an imperfect world means that suffering remains inevitable.

There is no greater pursuit, than the pursuit of that perfect Love

Even if it means one has to suffer for it along the way.

Because we came from perfect Love

And to perfect Love we shall return

But only if we so choose.

And this is not a choice made in the mind, but one that can only be made in the heart.