• Michael Dahdal

Always Playing Defence

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Too often we get caught only playing defence.

Fending people off, reacting, just going with their flow

Trying to keep our heads above water -

Playing not to lose, instead of playing to win.

You see, playing to win, has nothing to do with outcome

It’s an attitude.

It’s the difference between being reactive and proactive

The difference between being passive and being active.

Playing to win means being intentional and setting the tone -

Have a clear view of the path forward and then getting at it.

Playing defence will keep you in the game

But it’s exhausting

And it won’t move you forward.

So if you’re finding yourself on the back foot all the time, now might be the time to switch up the game plan a little and get on the front foot

Don’t wait for the game to come to you

Go out there and take the game to them.

Know yourself. Know your opponent. Know the time and know the place.

And stop sitting on the sidelines just hoping things will change

Find a way to get yourself in the game

And then stay there until the final whistle.

Play hard, have no regrets.

Whatever game it is you’re playing, you may as well play to win

This is living.

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