• Michael Dahdal

Always In Relationship

Love remains dormant until it’s expressed in relationship

It exists inwardly, but is expressed outwardly.

Relationship is the critical element that brings Love to Life

That allows it to flourish and be fully realised

Holding onto Love or directing only towards the self doesn’t actualise what Love is and should be

Because Love doesn’t work in isolation

It needs to be activated.

So then, it’s no wonder so many of us feel disconnected

Letting Love sit idle, dead and dormant as we keep it all for ourselves.

You see, greed kills Love.

And without this exchange (in relationship), it dies.

And there is no Life where there is no Love - so our soul slowly dies along with it.

Real Love, is indeed self-less

It’s only perfected with the dissolution of the self,

In humility.

In the surrender of the ego to something greater

And the reality is, this perfect Love is the one we truly long for

The one we all seek but can never seem to find, not even within ourselves.

Because we’ve mistaken it for the love sold to us in magazines.

The earthly Love that tends to be ruled by fear and insecurity

That’s too focused on the ‘I’ and not nearly enough on what Love is

And what our role is in bringing it into this world.

In awakening the eternal nature of it

In the security, comfort and warmth it provides

In its truth, it's trust and reliability.

Because real Love when experienced and expressed doesn’t lead you to disappointment,

But rather brings infinite joy and is always present.

It doesn’t lead to enslavement, but rather to a liberation of your spirit

It doesn’t dwell in fear or insecurity, but rather in faith and assurance.

So if God is indeed Love and God is eternal,

Then perhaps the Love we seek is not an earthly one at all

Perhaps the Love we seek, is actually a search for God.

That place where our restless heart can finally find rest.

And there’s no better way to embark on that journey than to do it together.

In relationship.

Providing us with the ideal opportunity to practice the virtues


The alternative, well the alternative is not as assured.

Because you’ll find that any relationship not grounded in this kind of Love, always tends to fall a little short.

#Love #relationship #God

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