• Michael Dahdal

A Product Of The Culture

We are in so many ways a product of the culture

Easily seduced

Swayed and influenced

Swept away with the tides and changing currents.

The culture has a way of penetrating our very being

If it’s toxic, you too can become toxic.

Not only is your mind contaminated with thoughts and emotions that were never really yours

But your spirit too is relegated to your ego, as you work so hard to simply fit in.

It is said that you are an aggregate of those you spend most time with

And I believe this to be true.

It also holds true for the media you consume

And where you choose to fix your gaze and focus your attention.

The culture has the power to shape your attitudes, your beliefs, values and behaviours

And unaware or indifferent, it very often does.

But the genius of it is,

That all the while it convinces you that this is who you are.

But it's not and never was.

You are not the culture nor is the culture you.

You are infinitely greater than that.

It is never a measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Always remember that.

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