• Michael Dahdal

Standing Still

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

As you begin the New Year, try and remember that life, your life, is fundamentally about movement.

There is no life, where there is no movement.

The more intentional or purposeful the movement, the richer and fuller the life

The more complex the movement, the greater the potential for growth

And life is ultimately about growth, the fulfilment of your inherent potential.

There is of course room for stillness, intentional stillness, only to make way for purposeful movement to follow,

But there is absolutely no room for stagnation.

Because stagnation is the beginning of the process of dying

And should your body stagnate, you'll actually feel it begin to deteriorate

Same with your mind and also your spirit, which is what drives you.

You’ll know this to be true when you experience that sense of restlessness

When you feel your body becoming restless

Or when your mind is restless you're go through life with a restless hear,

You should know, that the antidote to restlessness is itself movement. y

Try and stand still in room for an hour, you'll begin to feel that urge to move again.

It’s a natural yearning we all have, as natural as night and day.