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Finding Resolution

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Every year, year on year, it’s the same tune.

Setting ‘New Years Resolutions’ only to find them beginning to fall by the wayside by about February.

But have you ever stopped to wonder what the word resolution actually means?

A derivative of the word, RESOLVE.

You see, resolution is more retrospective than it is prospective.

It’s about taking a look into the past not the future.

Considering the things that you’ve essentially left ‘unresolved’.

The point then is not to try and set some new landmark or lofty goal you’re aspiring to achieve next year, but rather attend to the shit you’ve been avoiding.

About closing the loops in your life so you can start moving forward

So finding resolution is about completing a task that’s been left uncompleted

Attending to something that needs to be attended to.

Closing a chapter, so you can begin a new one.

Making space, so you can generate new potential and new possibilities

If you’re setting yourself new goals, but you’ve still got a million things hanging over your head, then I suggest you shift your perspective this year.

Instead of going through the whole process of making a new years resolution in the popular sense,

I would instead suggest you start with a list of all the things (or people) that you’ve been avoiding (or ignoring) and perhaps start there.

That will then set you up to be in a much better position to establish intentions about how you want to be and act in the world.

And as you draw the curtains on one decade and move into a new one, the 20’s mind you, I’ll borrow a phrase from a friend of mine:

“Why speak easy, when you can ROAARR” – make the roaring 20’s count for something!

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