The Night Before

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

It’s not just New Years or Christmas, every night is an eve.

It’s an eve to the day that follows.

If we valued each day, like we probably should, then we’d celebrate each night in preparation for the next day.

You’d be more intentional about how it should be lived out and how you want to approach it.

An eve is unique in that it’s living in the present, but still in anticipation and appreciation of what is to follow.

The perfect balance between present and future.

Never looking too far ahead, living in the moment, but still giving tomorrow the credit it deserves.

Because it really is about conquering each day and dealing with what's directly in front of you.

One day at a time, minute by minute, hour by hour and then having the will to do it all again.

If you can conquer your day, then you’ll conquer your life.

So take a moment each evening, if only 5 or 10 minutes, to put things in their proper perspective

To reflect on the day gone by and set the foundations for the day to follow