• Michael Dahdal

Sacred Space

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Situations have a way of attaching themselves to you.

As with your thoughts and emotions

Different people and things

Like leeches, they suck you dry and drain you of all your energy.

Draining you of your emotional and mental fortitude.

When you’re smothered like that, you kick into survival mode

You can't breathe,

Simply trying to manage the situation or just get through the day

But in between whatever is going on and you, is space

The more attached or engrossed you are in something, the less the space

The less the space, the less the opportunity or potential there is for anything else to manifest

The thing is then, to be able to find that sacred space

The time that will allow you to detach, to contemplate, to reconnect

To create a kind of separation that allows you to look at things more clearly and objectively

To breathe again.

This space is sacred because it’s this that essentially allows you to maintain some sanctity

To commune with the essence of who you are and what you’re about

Keeping you grounded and the whole of creation in perspective

It’s very easy to lose that when you find yourself simply gasping for air

Moment by moment and day by day, just holding on

But the thing you need to realise about space is, no one is going to give it to you,

Not these days when everyone and everything is continuously competing for your attention

So you have to create it

Make the space by claiming it

Be relentless in it's pursuit

Creating moments or simply a single moment in each day that’s just for you


No Books

No phones or laptops

Just a moment of solitude between yourself and your maker

Keeping things in their proper perspective and keeping you equipped well enough to handle everything the world has to throw at you


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