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A Helping Hand

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

So often we choose to go it alone.

Screw everyone we say, I’ll do it myself.

You probably could do it yourself, but what makes you believe you were meant to?

Having a mentor, or someone to guide you, is as natural as eating and sleeping.

Our family and community structures are built so your growth is properly attended to.

The passing down of wisdoms from one generation to the next

Prescribed ways of living and being in the world.

The sharing of knowledge across groups and societies is what has helped man flourish – but yet today, we isolate ourselves - determined to figure it all out on our own.

But what if you were never meant to go it alone?

If its not your parents, maybe it’s your grandparents?

It’s it’s not your sibling, then maybe it’s a friend or colleague?

Maybe it's your boss or your sports coach, or someone in the community that you highly respect?

Point being, there’s no shame in asking for help or some guidance,

It’s at the heart of every great story

No champion, no story book hero, not anyone for that matter has made it without that someone to support and guide them.

It’s an archetype as old as time itself, embedded in all the great stories, myths and legends across cultures and across time.

It’s the human story, the hero’s journey and goes a little something like this:

“You live in an ordinary world and receive a call to adventure (a challenge or something that needs to be set right), you refuse or resist at first, whether it’s because of fear or uncertainty, until that is, you meet a guide or mentor that sets you on a path.

You finally build up the courage to act, crossing the threshold. You go through trials and tribulations, confronting your demons.

You’re eventually broken and at the brink, facing a final test that forces you to look deep within yourself. By exhibiting the courage you need, you face up to the final challenge and conquer it, claiming your reward, liberating yourself from bondage.

You then begin your journey back home, vindicated, with new insights and wisdoms that will carry you forward to a brighter future…”

Although it’s the hero that does it him/herself and deserves all the accolades, it’s the guide that sets them on the path and provides the insights as to what needs to be done

This narrative is embedded in your DNA. It’s the formula for every popular film or story and it’s essentially how life flows.

There’s something within you that recognises this to be the way, it resonates, it's naturally familiar.

The only differences being,

Some answer the call to adventure and others don’t

Some embrace the mentor, others reject him/her

Some exhibit courage and face up to fear, others succumb

And in the end, it’s those little choices that make all the difference.

I guess the only question here is, which one are you?

Can you see yourself benefiting from some guidance?

If you believe you can benefit from a little guidance, check out Miyagi Sessions

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