• Michael Dahdal

Finding Your Voice

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Speaking the truth in Love, should always be the aim.

Not so much to convince anyone of anything, but more so to have that ability to express yourself honestly.

To be direct and precise with your speech, so you can begin uncovering the reality of each situation.

Often we mute or censor ourselves in ways that are neither healthy nor productive.

We imagine or pretend things are ok, when they are not.

We accept things that happen to us or around us, when we shouldn’t

We avoid, instead of confront

Compromising little by little, until you’ve essentially compromised yourself away.

Looking yourself in the mirror and no longer recognising who you see.

The point is not to try and dominate or control

Not to be impolite or insensitive.

The point is simply to be part of the conversation

To be heard

And not to be afraid to embrace the full expression of who you are

Not to be afraid to share your experience,

Because only then are you dealing with what's real; for better or for worse.

Only then, do you stop being absent and begin being present

Only then do you begin to break out of the shell that encloses the very spirit of who you are, at your core and in your essence.

And then owning that.

Because it’s only when you own it, that you can begin to transform it.

Allowing the chips to fall where they may, perhaps even sometimes saying the wrong thing or ruffling some feathers

But knowing full well, that it’s about not deluding yourself into playing the part of something or someone you’re not

But rather, embracing your nature.

Everything you are and everything you can be.

Finding your true voice in the process.

Anything less and you’re doing yourself and the rest of us a disservice

Because life is not about being liked, it’s about being honest.

Letting people know what they are getting themselves into, it may not always be pleasant, but at least it's real.

And although that may seem a little daunting, it’s ultimately only the truth that will set you free.

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