• Michael Dahdal

Soul Food

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Food has very specific functions.

At it’s most basic; it’s about sustenance, giving you what you need to survive.

But food, in its high order function, is very much about nourishment.

Nourishing the body, so the spirit can flourish.

It’s about keeping you in a healthy state,

A state of equilibrium

So you can perform at your best in every situation.

It also has a way of bringing people together; communing over a meal is as natural and old as time itself.

Food was never intended to be ‘fast’

It wasn’t intended to be devoid of its nutritional value

Keeping you overfed and under nourished.

Our relationship with food has fundamentally changed.

Where once we ate to survive, we now eat as entertainment

Where we once took only what we needed, we now indulge

Where we once protected food as an essential resource, we now throw it away.

We are no longer connected with its source,

We don’t know where it came from or how it was prepared or harvested.

We have no idea what has been added or removed

We don’t know how long it sat on a ship, or a truck or in a refrigerator before it made it to our table.

That personal connection is gone and with it, has the soul.

You can subscribe to whatever diet you want, but there’s no substitute for harvesting and preparing your own food

Allowing nature to do its thing,

Nourishing it, so it can properly nourish you

It's a relationship

And it's within this relationship, that the soul food is born.


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