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You Can

Updated: May 23, 2020

Language is Important.

Replace (I can’t) with (I won’t) and see how that changes things.

One comes from a place of hopelessness

The other

From a place of empowerment,

One relinquishes ownership and the other reclaims it,

One outsources responsibility and the other assumes it

One is passive and dismissive

The other is active and engaging.

It’s a complete switch in perspective.

Reality is, your time is limited, so understanding value and what’s important will allow you to establish a set of priorities.

Then the challenge is keeping those priorities in order

Because when someone tells you they don’t have time, what they are essentially saying is that it’s not a priority right now, or in fact, that you’re not a priority right now.

It really is that simple

How you allocate your time and attention then is predicated on a certain hierarchy of values and identifying what it

is you value (and why), will go a long way to putting your life in its proper order and achieving that elusive alignment.

Your responsibility then is to be able carry that alignment forward into each moment of each day.

So next time you find yourself saying (I can’t), check yourself!

Because, you can - you just don’t want to or aren’t willing enough to even try.

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