Embracing Confrontation

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It seems we live in a culture where we’re expected to avoid confrontation at all costs.

Where we are so afraid of offending, even if in fact, what we have to say is true and just and good.

Always so afraid of saying or doing the ‘wrong thing’ -

Worried that we may be outcast or ostracised by the mob that holds an opposing view.

But you lose something when you live a completely passive life

When you accept things as they are instead of continuing to reach for what they could or even indeed, should be.

At the very least, being willing to stand up for something when it really matters.

Because reality is, it’s only in the clash of ideas that new ideas emerge or old ones are re-enforced.

In this way, confrontation is a necessary part of growth.

It’s a necessary part of your growth.

It’s part of what moves you forward and helps you establish, or re-establish foundations

The fact of the matter is, the world is in a state of flux