• Michael Dahdal

Taking Aim

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

As we move into an age of endless options, knowledge and information at our fingertips - the one thing that seems to be lacking is direction.

Reality is, if you’re reading this now, you’re probably not going to die of starvation anytime soon.

Most of your basic needs are attended to, which opens up your world to a whole new set of possibilities.

But the problem with having too many choices, is that we end up making none.

We don’t know where to start, so we never do.

Choice paralysis I call it.

And when you get so overwhelmed by all the options, the tendency is to resort back to what you know.

Back to what’s comfortable,

Maintaining the status quo and keeping things as they are.

It’s your default position,

Because uncertainty is linked with fear and your brain ultimately just wants to keep you safe.

So when you don’t know what else you should or could be doing, then you'll just keep doing what it is you’re doing (until you’re forced into a change).

It's a natural position, but it's reactive, not proactive.

The point is, when you’re faced with many roads, it’s important to choose a path - because this is where that sense of purpose comes to life.

When you’re faced with many targets, it's important to take aim at one.

When you’re faced with so many distractions, it’s important to be able to focus.

Because it’s ultimately both the lack of clarity and conviction that keeps you aimless.

That keeps life feeling meaningless and purposeless.

And if you’re content doing what you’re doing, that’s perfectly fine, as long as you’re clear on your reason for doing it

And it’s not fear and confusion holding you back.

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