• Michael Dahdal

Loving Yourself

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The culture demands you to elevate your status above that of others.

In an isolated world, in a world where we no longer know the name of our neighbour, we are increasingly reminded of the importance of self-love.

To love yourself above and beyond all things

It’s become a war cry, this expectation we are asked to place upon our self, as if it’s the single greatest virtue we can aspire to.

If anything, self-love, in many ways can have the opposite affect,

Reinforcing pride and narcissism whilst isolating yourself further as you begin to reflect it by simply starting to put your needs above the needs of others.

By separating yourself from the source of Love itself, assuming Love is somehow self generating.

As if the culture isn’t individualistic enough.

The very concept of the individual was never meant to be devoid of your role in the broader context of family and community.

Not knowing the name of your neighbour goes against your very nature, the very nature that makes us all human and able to connect.

Traditionally, if you flourished, your community also flourished and vice versa.

That’s not to say you should neglect yourself, but rather better understand that ‘the self’ cannot be divorced from everyone and everything else.

The goal then shouldn’t be self-love, but rather Love, period.

It shouldn’t be directed, towards yourself or others per se, but rather be all encompassing.

To live with Love and have that expressed in everything you are, say and do.