Craving Wisdom

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We live in an age where knowledge is literally at your fingertips.

If you need to know something about anything, it’s just a matter of Googling this or Youtubing that.

Knowing, in and of itself then, is no great feat.

What we’re really craving is wisdom.

The deep insights that transform knowing into understanding and transform you in the process.

Being able to see beyond what’s in front of you, and connecting with the essence of it.

Going from superficial, to deep – the kind of depth that can only be understood through some kind of lived experience

I could tell you what it’s like to lose a loved one, but you’ll only really begin to grasp and comprehend it, once you’ve actually lived through it yourself.

Wisdom then comes not only with age or with experience.

Nor does it come from pain, although there is an element of that.

Wisdom comes from your ability to respond to your experience and pain in meaningful ways.

So then, the pursuit of knowledge will only get you so far.