• Michael Dahdal

It Is What It Is

Updated: Jan 3

The human mind has this amazing capacity to create narratives that allow you to conceptualise the world in ways that you can easily digest

We are built for stories and the world is perceived through a storied lens.

Stories that tie together elements of your lived experience to help you make better sense of things,

providing you with a framework for meaning and understanding

But this story world we create is often embedded in false narratives.

Stories that emerge as a way of reinforcing a preconceived belief you may already hold

Or perhaps a way of helping you cope with trauma - shielding you from the harsh realities of the world.

But life just is.

And it’s only when you can see it as it really is, that you’re able to be fully engaged in it.

Because living a full human life is not simply about avoiding pain and pursuing pleasure –

but rather the ability to embrace everything that it has to offer

And instead of allowing the trials and tribulations to entice you into a sense of bitterness and resentment –

allowing it to be the springboard that drives you towards maturity

There’s no point kidding yourself about the nature of the world and your place in it – it just is what it is.

Now use that and as your starting point and go from there.



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