• Michael Dahdal

Out Of Ideas

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

When life becomes a little stagnant, it’s very common to be fresh out of ideas.

Creativity dries up and so does inspiration as we contend with our daily routines.

Routines are important, so is order, but what’s equally important is adventure.

The odd journey into the unknown

It’s in the creative process that potential is realised and convention is transformed into possibility.

It’s in being able to look at things from different perspectives and see the world with new eyes.

It’s about recognising the opportunity amidst the silence and turning boredom into discovery.

Too much creativity and you can descend into chaos and chaos is the undoing of all things

But just the right touch and it’s the optimal zone for growth

Everything is about ensuring that balance between stillness and movement

Between order and chaos

Routine and adventure

Safety and risk

And creativity is often the key that can unlock the monotony that can so often and so easily set in as we just try to make it through the day.

It's important to remember, that there's always a different way to doing things.