• Michael Dahdal

Going To War

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Although you may not realise it, every day you go to war.

Life is a constant battle

Between emotions and reason

Right and wrong

What you could do and what you should do

Going or staying

Spending or saving

Wanting or needing

Yes or No.

Every morning you wake and prepare for battle, not to conquer your neighbour, but instead, to conquer yourself.

War is always messy and never easy.

It brings with it pain and hardship.

But it’s only in the struggle that the battle can be ultimately won.

To become the master of your emotions, or allow your emotions to master you

To be seduced by your passions and desires, or to have the ability to tame them

To be driven by fear, or to conquer it

Instead of trying to conquer the world, first try and conquer yourself.

Instead of preaching about goodness, be good and do good.

Instead of telling us the way, show us

So always be prepared - 'because the battle line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man...'

#war #warfare #struggle

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