• Michael Dahdal

Straying From The Path

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Our youthful spirit, often calls on us to rebel.

Conformity we are taught is akin to being a sheep and this has clear negative connotations.

It is often said that you shouldn’t strive to fit in; you should strive to stand out.

But let's be real for a second.

Roads are laid out by the people that have come before us

Every morning, you walk, cycle or drive along these roads because you know that they will get you to your desired destination.

You’re trusting, that those that have laid it out, knew where they were going and how to get there.

If you were looking at arriving at the same destination, then it would make perfect sense to follow.

It’s all mapped out for you. The whole world has literally been mapped out for you.

This is also conformity.

Your only decision then is whether to stay on the path that’s laid out for you, or try and forge your own path to get to the same place.

Which would be seemingly counter intuitive.

Do use the wheel, or try and reinvent it every time you want to step out?

There’s a reason it’s all been laid out for you

It’s to give you direction, structure, purpose, clarity, order

Life then, works very much in a similar vein - paths have been laid out by those that have gone before you

But yet we insist on discarding the old and favouring the new.

As if to naively suggest that no one has ever taken the time to address the big questions.

That new is always better.

That your own path is always the better path

And that your way is always the right way.

When you break with tradition, when you discard history and all the lessons that have come before, you’re simply left to rebuild everything.

This may work in some sectors, but not when it comes to matters of the heart and spirit.

Not when you’re navigating intangible terrains, rough terrains, which require a map and compass.

Without this basic guidance, it’s very easy to get lost.

So don’t be so quick dismiss the trove of wisdom, the archive or knowledge that’s embedded in human history and in the collective human experience.

You’ll find that they all point in the same direction and lead you to the same path.

The question is whether you want to get on it, or try and forever forge your own out in the wilderness.


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