• Michael Dahdal

Waiting In Vain

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Waiting around for something that’s not going happen.

Clinging on to hope

Not facing up to reality nor going out to meet it

It’s this nowhere place

Like Purgatory

The ‘maybe’ zone

The ‘I’ll let you know’ zone

The ‘not sure’ zone

Like waiting around at an airport after clearing customs, but before boarding

No going forward and no going back.

Counting on someone or something else

For something around you to change

For someone to make a decision for you

To force you into action,

For someone to come and save you

Here’s the thing, no ones coming. In the end, it’s all on you.

You either will it, or you don’t.

You either move, or get left behind

You open your hand, or keep a clenched fist

You either live proactive, or remain reactive.

There’s no point waiting around for something to change, if you yourself are not willing to change

If you your self are not willing to do anything different.

Waiting in vain, is allowing your life to slip away

And the harder you try and hold on, the more it gets away from you – like a fistful of sand.

So sometimes it makes sense to take a leap of faith

To let go

To take it upon your self to make things happen,

The alternative is that you look down in a year or two and find yourself in exactly the same spot.

Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Remember, it’s not the strongest of the species that survive; it’s those that are most adaptable to change.

#waiting #procrastination #hesitation #responsibility

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