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Hierarchy Of Things

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

What you do says more about what you value than what you say, determined by the mere fact that you chose to do it over a million other things you could have been doing.

The way your mind works is that it organises things into hierarchies.

Hierarchy of what you values

Hierarchy of priorities

Hierarchy of what you need

Hierarchy of what you want

Hierarchy of family and friends

And so on.

These are literally ordered lists, with the most important things placed at the top and the least important pushed to the bottom.

Now the fun part is, if you don’t do this yourself, if you don’t work at it, your brain will simply do it for you, it won’t even ask for permission, it will go solo – the brain is good like that, it’s pre-programmed to keep you alive.

So what happens then, is that it will make decisions and create lists based on built in survival mechanisms!

Fear and self-preservation,

Social inclusion and acceptance by peers (the tribe)

Hunger, the satisfying of your appetites

Satisfaction of personal desires, like the need to procreate

The desire for safety and security,

Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain

Basically your primal animal drivers

Your brain will respond to stimuli directly in front of it, process that information almost instinctively and react accordingly.

The good news is, you’re not just a brain at the mercy of an array of chemical processes!

You’re much more than that

You’re capable of so much more.

Although you are animal in your physiology - that’s only one part, the other parts are spirit and your ability to reason, your mind (consciousness).

Leave the animal untamed, it will gladly take over,

It will gladly make decisions for you,

Gladly lead you to satisfy the now, without so much thought given to the short or long term consequences.

So then, you need to be clear and give it the deep thought it deserves.

What do your hierarchies actually look like and are you living them out in their proper order?

Because if you’re not, there’s your disconnect right there.

You’re not living a life that’s true, you’re wrapped up in a big lie, and parading as something or someone you’re not.

And so the old adage goes,

“The truth is what shall set you free....”

Not just speaking it, but have the courage to live it – it really is as simple as that.

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